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The most successful developers share more than they take / Ben James

Common pattern for great developers is they share a lot.

One of the questions I always ask successful bloggers is: what motivated you to start? The answer is always the same: I did it for myself.

Quoting Eric Lippert (a core engineer of the Microsoft C# compiler, and also a blogger), he says “How do you become an expert on something? Well, find a pile of questions or a place where people are asking questions about your topic. If you try and answer each one, you’ll become an expert quickly enough.”

Whatever your work, you should embrace the philosophy of “public by default”.

Public-by-default means this: everytime you create something, learn something, or just notice something’s interesting, do it in public. This may seem daunting—writing blog posts, helping the community and transforming ideas from thoughts into words all takes time. But sharing is like a muscle, and by committing to a regular schedule, you become much more efficient. This consistency of volume is also key to reaping the benefits of sharing.

To truly embrace public-by-default, it’s not enough to share your successful projects and knowledge, but additionally to bring the humility to share your learning and failures.


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