LightBi - Hugo Theme

LightBi is a minimal personal website and blog theme in Hugo, which is forked from Beautiful Hugo.

When I created my Malayalam blog last year in Hugo, I searched for so many themes with the simple card design. But I couldn’t able to find something that matches the design in my mind. So I think I can take a good theme and modify it the way I want. After that, I found Beautiful Hugo and forked that to develop LightBi.

It’s a minimal personal blog that features a blog homepage, content page, an about page, and a 404 page which is created for Hugo. If you are new to Hugo, check my blog post about how to build a Hugo blog website from scratch.

Home Page


Content Page


Click here to view the LightBi on GitHub.

Also, I created a static version of LightBi in Bootstrap. You can see the demo here. To view on GitHub click here or download here.


Written By

Bino Mathew Varghese